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11 months ago

Winter 2017

Texas LAND



BURGER FIXINS Celina, Texas Don’t let the slightly run-down structure fool you. . .These burgers are classic and never disappoint. Outside seating only. COUNTER CAFE Austin, Texas This is the only “big city” burger joint to make this list. If you have not been there, you need to try it. Words won’t do it justice. DOUBLE R BURGERS Waco, Texas I have been eating at this place for over 15 years. Simple, traditional, griddle cooked hamburger. Don’t let the first impression of the outside fool you! JUCYS HAMBURGERS Tyler, Texas They actually have a handful of locations in East Texas. My first visit I believe they only had two, maybe three stores. Could they technically be a chain, possibly, but they don’t feel like one. LONE CAMP GENERAL STORE Lone Camp, Texas Recently re-opened by the Winbourn family, this is a true gem on the Scenic HWY 4 in Palo Pinto County. Great burgers and fresh cut fries. You can pick up a wide variety of supplies as well. MORGAN STREET BURGERS Meridian, Texas Great spot in the heart of Bosque County. Hearty classic hamburger on a great homemade bun, hand cut fries, great milkshakes. Great place to meet friends. Now get out there and make some memories. And grab a burger on the way… and on the way back! ° LAND.COM • LEGENDARY LIVING 45

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